Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How Hard Can It Get?

When we decided to go off gluten in our diet- we thought to ourselves how hard could it be. After all India is blessed with a plethora of grains and millet and substituting one would not be so hard.
The first obstacle came, when we realised that it was near impossible to locally find flour that was not processed in a mill that did not process wheat or barley. So we then went ahead a purchased a small four mill and decided to make our own flours. This had an added advantage of ensuring all processing would be free from any chemical treatments.
This however was not the end of our woes, speaking to farmers we also realised that many millet and grains in India are grown close to fields that also grow wheat. This meant, cross contamination of grains was a real possibility. So to prevent wheat entering our food, we started to sieve all our grains before we milled them. This measure, may sound too far fetched; but it was not. Our fears came true yesterday, when we found four wheat grains the pearl millet (Bajra) that we were preparing to mill!
There you can see it in the photograph above. Fortunately, wheat germ is quite large compared to all other grains that we use, other than rice, which we physically check for any contaminants.

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