Thursday, 4 August 2016

Pearl Millet Flatbread

When we stopped gluten in our diet and changed over to alternate grains, one of the first grain we chose was Pearl Millet (commonly known in India as Bajra, Bajri and many other names). After Rice and wheat, pearl millet is probably the most consumed grain in India (Wheat and rice constitute 70% of the grains that humanity consumes on earth) and we quickly incorporated it in our diet. But we soon realised that it was quite a challenge to handle this millet. The flour was sticky and messed up our kitchen and we soon gave up on it. There were more kinder grains to choose from and so we forgot about this millet for a few years.
After months of practice handling other grains. we felt we could give this millet another chance. The millet after all is very tasty, and has a very cheesy flavour. It tastes like cheese on a pizza, and is quite addictive.
Well, so here it goes, we got our hands on some organic Pearl millet, made flour from it, and Aarina managed to make some tasty flat-breads, that could be eaten without any accompaniment when hot.
I guess we finally have another grain in our ever increasing grain family.

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