Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sorghum Dosa

Injera, is a popular fermented flatbread made in Ethiopia from Sorghum. To most of us it may look like a dosa/ pancake. Ethiopia is one of the few countries where Sorghum is more popular than wheat. The sorghum is fermented for nearly three days before cooking. Ethiopians use refined Sorghum (without the bran) and the natural lactic acid fermentation gives it a sour taste. In Sudan a similar flatbread is made but they use whole Sorghum instead.

Inspired by these national delicacies, I did a version of my own. Sorghum dosa, using whole sorghum flour and fermented using coconut palm toddy. The overnight, 12 hour fermentation gives the batter a lovely aroma. The dosa's have a lovely unique flavour and go great with coconut chutney. This one is a keeper.

With the excess batter, I made a few Paddu's ( Kuzhi paniyaram) and it looks like we will stick to the rice versions until something better turns out.

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