Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A Versatile root.

'Maadi' or 'Maaddi', as it is locally called in Goa, Taro root is a very versatile ingredient and can be paired in many dishes. Quite commonly found in Mapusa market (and also sold by many local vegetable vendors) the root has a very starchy flavour and hence goes well in curries, as fried and also in stir fry dishes.

I cooked it with mushrooms and the Umami flavour of mushrooms paired really well with the starchy texture and taste of Maadi.

I have fried it with recheado masala marinade, paired it in prawn curry and stir fried it with just onions and pepper.

Caution: Taro root (and also leaves- locally called Alu leaves) has high Oxalic acid content. Oxalic acid is bad news for people having kidney stones and hence moderation is the key (Avoidance is best).

Recheado Masala for sliced stems.

Taro root

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