Monday, 13 February 2017


Among fish, Sardines are considered to be one of the most nutritious of the lot. "The New York Times" once called them as one of the “best foods you aren’t eating.”
Sardines deliver more calcium per serving than virtually any other food, largely because they’re full of soft, edible bones. Moreover, they’re also rich in vitamin D, a nutrient that helps you absorb and use calcium. Being at the bottom of the food chain, they also have the smallest bioaccumulation potential.
Aarina made two unique dishes with Sardines. Both perhaps needing quite some patience in handling the small fish.
The fist one was stuffed sardines- deftly sliced and stuffed with all that we could find in our garden- Peanuts, Bilimbi, chillies and garnished the mixture with aromatic herbs. The sardines were then stuffed with the mixture and fried. I prefer my fish juicy while Aarina likes it crisp.
The second dish required Aarina to carefully open up the sardines and make fillet out of them (without removing the bones). They were then marinated and fried with a choice of spices and herbs. Garnished with tomatoes, cheese, and mint leaves.
What a lovely lunch.

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