Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Talinum on our Plate

We came across Talinum ( Talinum fruticosum ) two years ago, when we got seeds of " Dal Spinach".

We had no idea, what to do with it and since it was called "Dal Spinach" we added it to all our dal dishes (Lentil curries). The plant turned out to be resilient and was self-seeding and we never ran out of it and it is always there when we need it.

We started getting a bit adventurous with Talinum and started using it in our stir fry dishes, where it added a bit of tang and crunch. Although it can also be eaten raw as a salad- the palate at our home is not the greatest fan of leafy salads and leaves have to be hidden in food!

So Talinum managed to reach our breakfast table this week. Pearl millet fermented idlis, laced with the faithful Talinum. The steaming changes the flavour of the leaves, making it subtly sweet.

The pearl millet was fermented overnight, from the previous day's leftover batter and the Talinum blends very well with the millet.

Can't imagine the sheer variety of food that we can make today- since we decided to chuck wheat out of our lives.

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